Rabbi beaten up near Chigwell shul

Rabbi beaten up near Chigwell shul

For the JC May 2021

The community rabbi of Chigwell Synagogue, Rabbi Rafi Goodwin, was in hospital on Sunday after being badly beaten up in what was reportedly a road rage incident.

It is understood that although antisemitic language was used in the attack, which took place near to the synagogue, the rabbi was not singled out for assault as any part of the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. A statement to that effect has been sent by the synagogue to concerned congregants.

Rabbi Goodwin, originally from Leeds, is the former director of Services and Young Couples at Chabad Gants Hill. He is believed to have been conscious after the attack, made by two men, but it is not known whether he was obliged to stay in hospital over Shavuot.

His friend and colleague, Rabbi Moshe Freedman of the New West End Synagogue, asked people to pray for Rabbi Goodwin. Rabbi Freedman said he did not know the motive for the attack.

  • 7 June, 2021