Israeli covid test could open up the skies

Israeli covid test could open up the skies

For the JC April 2021

Israeli researchers have developed a Covid test which can deliver results in just 20 seconds — making it the perfect solution for someone who is about to get on a flight.

The new test is conducted through a device called the SpectraLIT, a handheld piece of equipment created by the Israeli firm Newsight, in partnership with the Sheba Medical Centre. It has just received approval for use by the European Union, opening the door for quick results across Europe and the rest of the world – including at airports. Use of the SpectraLIT could go a long way to opening up renewed international travel.

As with other Covid tests, the SpectraLIT works with a nasal swab — but it can also operate with a less intrusive gargle method. A regular swab needs taking to a laboratory and being subject to chemical analysis. This device, however, shines light through the sample, getting the result from a unique computer chip that reads the ensuing pattern.

The development of the SpectraLIT represents another technological success for Israel, and Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology – in particular. Three of the key figures involved in the creation of SpectraLIT (Eli Schwartz, Eyal Yatskan, and Eyal Zimlichma) are graduates of the Technion.

Alan Aziz, chief executive of Technion UK, said: “Israel was called to be a light unto the nations, but it’s never normally this literal. We are very proud that three Technion graduates have been involved in developing the revolutionary SpectraLIT system, offering Covid tests — and results — in less time than it takes to check-in your luggage.”

  • 7 April, 2021