Partial list of interviews

Dec 27 2002
Geoffrey Perry
From Haw-Haw to how-to
The man who captured the wartime Nazi propagandist

Jan 14 2003
Dalia Rabin-Pelossof
A name still burning
Yitzchak Rabin’s daughter keeps his name alive

Feb 14 2002
Raymond Gubbay
A touch of classic
The concert promoter who beats the band

Feb 21 2003
Robert Winston
Orthodox medicine man
The fertility expert who gives people hope

March 7 2003
Albie Sachs
Justice and the peace
The lawyer who sacrificed nearly all for South Africa

March 14 2003
Claire Rayner
The great aunt
The doyenne of agony aunts

April 4 2003
Frederic Raphael
Glitter bug
Literature’s crowning glory

April 18 2003
Malcolm Weisman
Malcolm in the middle
The wandering Jew who brings comfort to those outside the metropolis

April 25 2003
Vidal Sassoon
Razor sharp
Fierce East Ender whose name became synonymous with hair fashion

May 2 2003
Raymond Dwek
Science’s sugar daddy
Oxford professor who heads groundbreaking research

May 16 2003
Graham Gouldman
Still in that silly phase
The perfect popstar and his career in 10cc

May 30 2003
Rabbi David Goldberg
Controversy’s cleric
Feisty frontman of the Liberal synagogue movement

June 6 2003
Henry Grunwald
Captain on Board
QC who led the Deputies into the 21st century

June 13 2003
Alan Yentob
Arts and minds
BBC maverick director at the top of his tree

July 4 2003
Nicholas Saphir
Man of taste
Food adviser to the government

July 11 2003
Greville Janner
Law unto himself
The barrister who transformed the Jewish communal landscape

July 25 2003
Jenny Joseph
Hat and quote
Author of Britain’s favourite poem

August 1 2003
George Weidenfeld
Page turner
Viennese refugee who became a publishing tour de force

August 29 2003
Fanny Waterman
Instrumental force
Creator of the Leeds International Piano Competition

September 5 2003
Anthony Lester
Making liberties
Brilliant lawyer who devised the Human Rights Act

September 12 2003
Trevor Phillips
Equalising goal
Director of Equal Opportunities Commission

September 19 2003
Dan Jacobson
Literary landscapes
Doyen of South African authors

October 3 2003
Bernice Rubens
Style survivor
Booker Prize-winning writer

October 10 2003
Joshua Sobol
Long way from Ghetto
Iconic Israeli playwright

October 17 2003
Simone Prendergast
Dame plans
Scion of Marks & Spencer Jewish autocracy

October 24 2003
Arnold Wesker
Shylocked out
Chippy playwright who still has much to say

October 31 2003
Frank Lowy
Going for goals

November 7 2003
Madeleine Albright
Czech list revelations
US Secretary of State rediscovers her Jewish origins

November 21 2003
Carl Davis
Top scorer
US musician who has written the soundtrack to British musical life

November 28 2003
Jeremy Isaacs
Life and strife
Glaswegian TV genius behind Channel 4 and The World At War

December 19 2003
Braham Murray
Weight of Exchange
One of Manchester Royal Exchange’s founding artistic directors

December 26 2003
Sol Kerzner
Bring me Sunshine
South African tycoon who built Sun City

January 9 2004
Susan Greenfield
Armani changer
Science’s first lady

January 16 2004
Fit as a Fiddler
Israeli star of musical stage and screen

January 23 2004
Natan Sharansky
Diaspora dynamo
From Soviet refusenik to pocket-sized Israeli politician

January 30 2004
Howard Bernstein
Hands-on Howard
Leader of Manchester City Council

February 6 2004
Edward Mirzoeff
Royal commissions
BBC backroom mover and shaker

March 8 2004
Tony Judt
State expectations
Extraordinary historian with a Zionist past

March 19 2004
Walter Yetnikoff
Rock jaw
Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’roll in Los Angeles

March 26 2004
Gail Ronson
Gail force operator
Quiet dynamo behind Jewish Care volunteers

April 23 2004
Victor and Lilian Hochhauser
Double figures
Husband and wife classical music promotion team

April 30 2004
Evgeny Satanovsky
Man of metal
How a refusenik became an oligarch

May 14 2004
Sari Nusseibeh
Significant others
Palestinian academic who just wants a quiet life

May 28 2004
Andrew Burns
Burns, knight
One-time British ambassador to Israel who fell in love with the country
Pic John Rifkin (permission given)

June 4 2004
Michael Rosen
Poetry emotion
What makes an anti-Zionist run
Pic Vicky Alhadeff (permission given)

June 18 2004
Sandy Lieberson
Performance artist
American film producer based in London
Pic John Rifkin (permission given)

June 25 2004
Anthony Caro
The great materialist
Artist and sculptor
Pic Vicky Alhadeff (permission given)

July 2 2004
Malcolm Balen
Slipping out of neutral?
The man behind the Balen Report on the BBC’s Middle East coverage
Pic Peter Fisher (permission given by estate)

July 23 2004
Miriam Rothschild
From fleas to film stars
Natural scientist and world expert on the flea with a glittering family history
No pic credit

August 13 2004
Vivien Duffield
Clore values
Inheritor of the Clore fortune and her commitment to charity
Pic Vicky Alhadeff (permission given)

August 20 2004
Yoav Biran
Senior service
One-time Israeli ambassador to the UK
Pic John Rifkin (permission given)

September 3 2004
David Morris
The ring of success
The prince of Hatton Garden: the jewellers’ jeweller
Pic Vicky Alhadeff (permission given)

September 10 2004
Amos Oz
Of love and death
Israeli novelist whose history mirrors that of his country
September 10 2004
Richard Dreyfuss
Made up by Max factor
Iconic American film and stage actor

October 8 2004
Joan Rivers
Still fast flowing
Wise-cracking American comedienne

November 5 2004
Henry Goodman
Stage directions
Character actor supreme

November 12 2004
Danny Shek
Israel’s goalscorer
Diplomat who became Jewish state’s most persuasive advocate

November 26 2004
Jack Lunzer
Handsome prints
The king of Judaica book collectors

December 3 2004
Peter Mayer
Frank encounter
Penguin publisher who reclaimed Anne Frank

December 10 2004
Nicholas de Lange
Liturgy and Literature
Rabbi and go-to translator

December 17 2004
Robert Sherman
Chim, chim, chitty, chitty
Dynamic Disney composer

December 24 2004
Sir Martin Gilbert
The history man
Biographer of Churchill and so many more

January 7 2005
Rabbi Michael Melchior
Viking’s mission
Scandi rabbi at forefront of moderate Israeli politics

January 14 2005
Julia Neuberger
Lib’s woman
Groundbreaking rabbi and LibDem peer

January 28 2005
Robert Wistrich
Danger man
Antisemitism specialist academic

February 11 2005
Lucie Skeaping
Burning passion
Queen of early music

February 18 2005
Joey Low
Presenting reality
Founder of Israel At Heart advocacy programme for students

March 11 2005
Aaron Lansky
Loshen in motion
One-man band attempt to rescue Yiddish literature

March 18 2005
George Whyte
Accusative case
The Dreyfus specialist

March 25 2005
Vladimir Bukovsky
Nightmare’s return
Former Soviet dissident warns that the dark forces are still there

April 1 2005
Paul Levy
Thought for food
Food writer supreme

April 8 2005
Dan David
In the picture
Billionaire founder of prize for creativity

April 15 2005
Israel Singer
Top of the world
Jewish communal supremo who challenged the Swiss banks and won

April 22 2005
Ruth Deech
Fertile mind
Peer who chaired Human Fertility Commission

April 29 2005
Leon Brittan
Out of the mafia
Margaret Thatcher’s former Home Secretary

May 27 2005
Mark Damazer
No complaints
Controller of BBC Radio 4 who went on to become Master of an Oxbridge college

June 3 2005
Anne Marie Pisker
Great lengths
Extraordinary survivor of iconic Viennese swimming club

June 10 2005
Lord Young
Moulded by Maggie
Thatcher’s Trade and Industry Secretary

July 1 2005
Lord Puttnam
Director’s cut
Former ad-man who became powerful Hollywood producer

July 8 2005
Sir Lawrence Freedman
On the warpath
Leading war studies academic

July 29 2005
Lady Cosgrove
Judge and Jewry
Scotland’s leading woman jurist

August 5 2005
Lord Levy
Record deals
Blair’s Middle East envoy

August 12 2005
Simon Kelner
Independent’s way
Singular editor of the Independent newspaper

August 26 2005
Marc Salem
Trick cyclist
Psychologist with an eye-opening ‘magic’ stage act

September 9 2005
Vikram Seth
In the teeth of history
The improbable story of the novelist’s uncle, a one-armed dentist

September 16 2005
Sir Ken Adam
Bond highlights
The man behind the most memorable Bond films special effects

September 23 2005
Andrew Franklin
Greets roots and believes
Publisher who had a hit with Lynn Truss’s grammar book

October 14 2005
Tracy Chevalier
Pearly queen
Novelist who struck it rich with film of her book

October 21 2005
Sigmund Sternberg
Doyen of dialogue
Hungarian tycoon whose post-business life was devoted to the Jewish community

October 28 2005
Pinchas Zukerman
Highly strung
The Israeli violinist’s extraordinary story

December 9 2005
Aaron Ciechanover
Prize guy
Nobel Prize-winning Israeli scientist

December 23 2005
Theodore Dalrymple
Devastating diagnosis
Medical doctor whose nom-de-plume allowed him sharp insights into a sick society

January 13 2006
Osvaldo Golijov
Well composed
Boston-based Argentinian composer and musician

January 27 2006
Ami Ayalon
Pitbull for peace
One-time Israeli Shin Bet leader who partnered Palestinians

March 3 2006
Mark Thompson
View from the top
The definitive word from the director-general of the BBC

March 17 2006
Mick Davis
Called to account
South African mining tycoon who embraced the UK Jewish community

March 24 2006
Neil Sedaka
Kosher carol singer
King of the super-boppy 60s pop song

April 7 2006
Arye Nusbacher
Military maven
The only Jewish academic at Sandhurst Military Training Academy

April 14 2006
Carmen Callil
Out of therapy
Publisher turned author with her examination of Vichy France

April 21 2006
Jonathan Kestenbaum
JK rolling
The compleat communal civil servant

April 28 2006
Gershon HaCohen
The engaged disengager
Israeli Defence Forces’ man in charge of the withdrawal from Gaza

May 12 2006
Andrew White
Only goy in the yeshivah
Canon White is the Vicar of Baghdad

June 2 2006
William Hague
Iraq should not inhibit our Iran policy
What the then Shadow Foreign Secretary had to say

June 9 2006
Isi Leibler
They’ll rue the day they started this
Australian hard man on his fight with the World Jewish Congress

July 7 2006
Juval Aviv
Did this man dupe Steven Spielberg?
The man who insisted (against all evidence) that he was ex-Mossad

September 8 2006
Jonny Geller
Writing: is it good for the Jews?
Doyen of British literary agents turns his hand to writing

October 6 2006
Martin Amis
Amis: the JC interview
The literary bad boy on his family’s love affair with Jews

October 6 2006
Paul Weiland
Barmitzvah boy, 40 years on
Director of the definitive film about the 1966 World Cup

October 13 2006
Bernard Henri Levy
The pop philosopher unveiled
France’s shirt-ripping intellectual

October 27 2006
Harvey Goldsmith
The rocker who would be mayor
King of the concert promoters who knows how to put on a show

December 1 2006
Henry Winkler
Still happy days for the Fonz
Whatever he wears, it will still feel like a leather jacket

January 12 2007
Zubin Mehta
Israel’s beating heart
Essential conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

January 26 2007
Miriam Margolyes
Margolyes’s new drama
Actress on the anti-Zionist front line

March 2 2007
Christopher Hitchens
Bellow, Amis and me
The great literary critic on his core friendships

May 4 2007
Richard Young
Celebrities? This man has photographed them all
The lensman who has taken pictures of absolutely everyone

May 11 2007
Andrew Sachs
Manuel’s German roots
Berlin-born actor who became household name in Fawlty Towers sitcom

May 18 2007
Sigrid Rausing
The Tetra Pak philanthropist
How a charity executive makes tough decisions

June 1 2007
Wafa Sultan
Islam’s Muslim enemy
The woman who met Jews – and quite liked them

July 30 2007
Leonard Cohen
A Yiddle in monk’s clothing
Singer, songwriter, poet and bagel-lover

November 23 2007
Gerald Ronson
Street fighting man
Tough tycoon who founded the Community Security Trust