Football boots sale leads to racism

Football boots sale leads to racism

For the JC May 2021

Police are investigating a report of a racially motivated telecommunications offence, the JC can reveal, after a Jewish woman’s personal contact details were posted over a number of social media platforms.

The alleged incident — which included the woman’s home address being posted on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok — is said to have taken place after she tried to sell a pair of football boots online. She is believed to have previously posted a picture of herself with an Israeli flag and a message supporting Israel.

It is understood that someone who purported to be ready to buy the boots used her information and made public her private address and other contact details. After she was alerted by a Muslim friend, the matter was reported to the police on Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police say that so far there have been no arrests and that enquiries are continuing. They were unable to confirm claims that the woman had been forced to leave home as a result of the complaint.

  • 7 June, 2021