Dude, where’s my beetroot?

Dude, where’s my beetroot?

For the Jewish News April 25 2018

Occasionally, as he is prowling around his Islington allotment, the following thoughts may occur to Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party:

1.I’ve had nothing but trouble from the Jewish community since the day I came into office.

2. I’ve done a lot to show them that I care. I agreed to be interviewed by the Jewish News.

3. I agreed to a meeting with two men called Jonathan.

4. I went to a Seder with a lot of people called Geoffrey Cohen.

5. I even put time aside to hold a round table meeting with other Jews who weren’t called Jonathan —although possibly I should have re-named that event, since it was a cartoon of a table on a wall mural that led to some of this mess. Anyhow, it didn’t happen because a lot of people got Very Sulky.

6. I wrote a nice article disavowing antisemitism in the Evening Standard before my meeting with the men called Jonathan.

7. Nothing’s good enough for them and they don’t understand Process (although, to be fair, Seamus and Jennie have explained it to me many times and I’m not sure I do, either).

8. Where’s my beetroot?

  • 27 April, 2018