Deliveroo and Chabad do a deal for Pesach

Deliveroo and Chabad do a deal for Pesach

Deliveroo for Pesach April 2020

A Pesach “miracle” began last Thursday with a phone call to Rabbi Bentzi Sudak, chief executive of Chabad Lubavitch UK — and now a unique partnership has been launched between Chabad Lubavitch UK and the food delivery conglomerate, Deliveroo, making sure that emergency “Seder-to-Go” kits are available across the UK and Ireland.

Rabbi Sudak explained: “I got a phone call from someone at 9pm last Thursday, asking where Pesach supplies could be obtained. I said we had the Seder-to-Go kits, but that the main challenge was in getting them to people”. At that point, the caller said they were phoning on behalf of a senior executive at Deliveroo — and an extraordinary partnership was forged.

The Seder kit was devised by Chabad Lubavitch UK in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure people did not have to compromise between their safety and observing Passover. 
Because of ever-growing pre-Passover demand, Chabad Lubavitch UK urgently needed a new and urgent nationwide delivery service. Now Deliveroo customers — primarily the elderly and vulnerable who are not able to shop for themselves — will be able to buy a Seder kit, with delivery free of charge.

Each box contains a roll up seder plate and six small containers containing all the items for the plate. Separately listed are a box of matzah, a bottle of grape juice, a bottle of wine, a kiddush cup and a unique and user-friendly Haggadah.

The service will be available until Tuesday evening in the following locations where Deliveroo currently provides service: Battersea, Finchley, Islington, Wimbledon, Bromley, Manchester, Leeds, Crouch End, Bloomsbury, Golders Green, Kentish Town, Bushey, Watford and Dublin. 
Rabbi Sudak said: “These kits will help to ensure every Jewish person is able to celebrate the festival of our freedom in these uniquely challenging times. Not only do the kits provide essential supplies for people who cannot go out to shop for Passover provisions, they mean that vulnerable people, who should be staying at home, do not have to choose between their safety and having a Seder. For those in quarantine or self-isolation who have never conducted a Seder on their own, the included guide and Seder supplies will make that possible.”
Stephen Goldstein, executive vice-president at Deliveroo, said it was “a privilege” to use the company’s delivery network “to bring the joy of Pesach to people across the UK and Ireland. We are honoured to support the Jewish community and play a small role to help people, especially the elderly and vulnerable”.

  • 20 April, 2020