Antisemitism figures rise

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel July 28 2015 Britain’s antisemitism figures are up by a staggering 53 per cent for the first six months of 2015. But the Community Security Trust (CST), which has collated the statistics, says the rise is due to an increase in reporting of incidents, rather than an […]

  • 31 July, 2015

It’s all about facepalm

Column for Jewish News July 3 2015 by Jenni Frazer There are days when Israel does something so profoundly stupid that the only sensible response is to groan and cover one’s eyes. Facepalm, is the useful term. And facepalm was the instinctive reaction when the Foreign Ministry proudly unveiled – and fairly swiftly re-veiled – […]

  • 3 July, 2015

British Jews on rollercoaster relationship with Miliband

British Jewry shares roller coaster ride with Jewish potential PM | The Times of Israel 05/05/2015 11:10 Last-minute efforts to woo the community make sense given new study saying Jewish vote could influence close race in 20 constituencies BY JENNI FRAZER May 5, 2015, 12:28 am LONDON — If British Jewry had to describe its […]

  • 5 May, 2015