I’ve done hundreds of interviews with the famous and the not-so-famous. I do my best to try to ask the questions that anybody would ask if they had access to these subjects. So I do lots of research and present in-depth portraits, conscious that any interview can only skim the surface and be a snapshot of a person’s thoughts and feelings on that day, on that date.

If you want to check out a (partial) list of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done over the years, please take a look.

Leave it, Shy, just leave it

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel, February 2 2016 LONDON — Novelist Howard Jacobson never really liked the play, “The Merchant of Venice.” He was embarrassed by it at school, where he was obliged to read the part of Shylock. Embarrassed at the way it drew attention to his own Jewishness, and later, […]

  • 3 February, 2016

Rabin’s aide on the 20th anniversary of his killing

For Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer October 25 2015 LONDON — Shimon Sheves didn’t want Yitzhak Rabin to address what proved to be the fatal peace rally in Tel Aviv at which the prime minister was assassinated, 20 years ago. The former kibbutznik, who rose to become director-general of Rabin’s office, had a healthy […]

  • 26 October, 2015

Who killed Jeremiah Duggan?

Erica Duggan for the Times of Israel July 2 2015 In the course of an hour-long interview about her dead son, Jeremiah, Erica Duggan only loses composure once, even when she is is relating the most distressing of details. It is mention of Jeremiah’s girlfriend, Maya Villanueva, which brings tears to Duggan’s eyes. Villanueva, as […]

  • 3 July, 2015

The Queen of Teen angst: Keren David

Keren David for the Jewish News May 17 2015 by Jenni Frazer Confession time. It’s really difficult – and really rather odd – to interview someone you have known for years. But Keren David, the highly regarded Young Adult writer, makes it a painless process, as we sit in her gleaming bright blue kitchen and […]

  • 18 June, 2015

I’ve become thicker-skinned since living in Israel

Matthew Gould, the outgoing British ambassador to Israel – and the first Jew in the post – speaks to Jenni Frazer about life in the country, his achievements and prospects for peace. It’s rare for an ambassador to extend his or her term of office. Rare, but not unknown. But it’s particularly rare for a […]

  • 18 June, 2015

Ashley Perry on the campaign trail

Israeli election preview: Brit Ashley Perry on the campaign trail February 26 2015 Right-winger Perry has followed his Liberal Democrat father into politics Ashley Perry is the only Brit standing for the Knesset at next month’s election. He talks to Jenni Frazer about his roots, making aliyah and party politics. Running for parliament may well […]

  • 2 March, 2015

When Chen Reiss sang for the Pope

2/3/2015 How a Jewish Israeli soprano found holiness in front of the Pope | The Times of Israel BY JENNI FRAZER February 2, 2015 LONDON — Among Chen Reiss’s most treasured possessions is “an amazing letter” – from Pope Francis. It’s just weeks since the Israeli soprano, 35, sang at the Vatican during the […]

  • 3 February, 2015

Danon’s big ideas? Draft Arabs and reject two states

Likud Knesset member Danny Danon is nothing if not bullish. His political opinions are, to put it mildly, at odds even with his own party leader. in the last Knesset he was deputy speaker but he has managed to disagree with the political establishment on almost every important issue, from vehemently opposing the disengagement from […]

  • 22 February, 2013

Mandelson on Judaism, Lord Levy and his JC dad

Tony Blair’s closest ally reveals the inside story on the cash-for-peerages scandal and his pro-Israel sentiments Lord Mandelson’s book, The Third Man, Life At The Heart of New Labour has enjoyed a heady reception in the week since its publication. He has the relieved look of someone who has run a marathon without keel- ing […]

  • 23 July, 2010

‘Foreign Office has changed’ says UK’s new Jewish envoy to Israel

One of the FCO’s young stars takes up the Tel Aviv posting late next year. Britain has appointed its first Jewish ambassador to Israel. And Matthew Gould, a high-flying Foreign Office diplomat, is optimistic that his posting — to begin in autumn 2010 — will send out a significant message, both to his hosts and […]

  • 11 December, 2009