Good journalists are endlessly curious and should be endlessly enthusiastic. My features run the gamut from politics to travel writing. They all have one thing in common – to transmit that enthusiasm to the reader.

One woman’s helping hand for refugees

For the Jewish News April 19 2019 Most people, after a debilitating stroke, would be concentrating hard on looking after themselves and recovering as best they can. But Cheryl Sklan, a busy professional — she was a social worker, a psychotherapist and a life coach — is not most people. She had a massive stroke […]

  • 12 April, 2019

Jews and money and the myths surrounding them

Jews and money for Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer March 19 2019 If ever there were two toxic words to put together, it would be “Jews” and “money”. Yet — joined by a third word, “myth”, the tortured and tangled relationship between the two is examined by London’s Jewish Museum in a fearless exhibition […]

  • 22 March, 2019

How Jewish women bear the brunt of Labour antisemitism

For Hadassah Magazine March 2019 British politician Ruth Smeeth is a gutsy campaigner, not prone to emotional breakdowns. Yet the 39-year-old Jewish parliamentarian was in tears when she left a news conference unveiling a 2016 report on anti-Semitism in her own Labour Party. Why? Because while a fellow party member shouted abusive remarks at her—accusing […]

  • 13 March, 2019

The wild West show and the Marmite effect

For the JC March 1 2019 Franz West is the Austrian artist with whom we are least familiar — and perhaps the least comfortable. His art, huge ungainly installations, often destined to squat outside or to be climbed over by joyously squealing children, has a Marmite effect. So much of West’s output is deliberately designed […]

  • 5 March, 2019

From those who bear witness

The Last Survivors by Jenni Frazer for JN Jan 14 2019 The faces loom at the viewer out of the dark, captured in almost too much detail, the experiences of a lifetime etched on their skin. Some of the faces are familiar, some could be any senior citizen. But they are not just any senior […]

  • 14 January, 2019

The diaspora and Israel… how to complicate things

For the Jewish Chronicle December 7 2018 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must have thought it was his lucky day. Fresh from yet another difficult encounter with Israeli police, and juggling a rocky coalition with several ministerial portfolios, the Israeli Prime Minister was entitled to be on his guard as he faced us, a group of […]

  • 14 December, 2018

I, Robot — by a Jewish lawyer

For the Jewish Chronicle December 14 2018 It is the year 2028 and you have a court case coming up, trying to prove negligence on the part of … a robot. This is not the stuff of science fiction, but an increasingly likely scenario in a world in which artificial intelligence, or AI, will affect […]

  • 14 December, 2018

Biker boys (and girls) in Berlin

Back to Berlin for JN Nov 2018 from Jenni Frazer Broadcaster and film-maker Catherine Lurie knows a good story when she sees one. Six years ago, as someone with a long association with the World Maccabi movement, she was asked to be a broadcaster for the Maccabi Games of 2013, which were to be held […]

  • 19 November, 2018

Reviews of the Little Drummer Girl episodes 1-6 for the Jewish Chronicle

Episode 1 If there is an overriding impression to take away from John le Carre’s epic thriller The Little Drummer Girl, it is the dismal whiff of cigarettes and failure. The Le Carre novel, published in 1983, was set in 1979. And anyone who lived through the 70s will remember the decade for one thing — it […]

  • 13 November, 2018

The heroes of World War One

For the JC November 2018 “England has been all she could be to Jews, Jews will all they can be to England”. That was the famous Jewish Chronicle exhortation at the start of World War One, the war which was pivotal in British Jewish commitment to serving in the armed forces. It was not, as […]

  • 2 November, 2018