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Children from two faiths find happiness in one building

For The Times published Nov 11 2017 Have you heard the one about the Jewish school and the Catholic school that decided to share a building? It sounds like the beginning of an old, outdated and not very politically correct joke, but it is happening in Glasgow and the results so far are impressive. The […]

  • 11 November, 2017

Sharing and caring

For the Times of Israel posted November 4 2017 Glasgow school for ToI from Jenni Frazer Oct 2017 “I think”, says Bishop John Keenan, “that the relationships here have gone beyond interfaith dialog. As far as I can see, the dialog is in the bricks.” Bishop Keenan is half of the religious authority for a […]

  • 4 November, 2017

The joke’s on London

For the Times of Israel posted October 13 2017 Yohai Sponder’s “at rest” face is not naturally sunny. But as soon as the 35-year-old begins to speak about the art of comedy, he lights up. Sponder and his fellow comedians Yossi Tarablus and Shachar Hasson have much to be cheerful about. The three have just […]

  • 14 October, 2017

The ventriloquist for the dead

For the JC published October 4 2017 It’s not often that the academic and historian Simon Schama is lost for words, but it happened almost literally to him when embarking on the second volume of his mammoth work, The Story of The Jews. Volume One, published to rapturous acclaim in 2013, took our story from […]

  • 4 October, 2017

The soldiers from over here serving over there

For the Jewish News published Sept 14 2017 Maor Shevah, Stephen Epstein and Oren Ivgi were once all pupils at Hasmonean Boys School in north London, racing for the school bus in their blazers, ties flying, and just about keeping their kippot on their heads. These days, however, the three former school friends are wearing […]

  • 16 September, 2017

A degree of art history

For the Jewish Chronicle Sept 7 2017 Balfour painting for JC by Jenni Frazer August 2017 In a pretty north London mews, which is home to flower trenchers and sunbathing cats, sits the studio of the artist Beverley-Jane Stewart. And inside there is an Anglo-Jewish treasure — Stewart’s extraordinary painting of the story of the […]

  • 7 September, 2017

Diana, 20 years on

For the JC August 2017 Just when you might think everything that could be said about the late Princess Diana, has been said, something will emerge to debunk that theory. Apart from the Daily Express, which is in a category of its own where the former Princess of Wales is concerned, the 20th anniversary of […]

  • 24 August, 2017

Kissin and kissing cousins

For the Times of Israel posted July 29 2017 With admirable frankness, the classical pianist Evgeny Kissin says he wrote his book, “Memoirs and Reflections” because in the course of many interviews he has been repeatedly asked the same questions. Nevertheless, the very publication prompts even more questions, so the Moscow-born Kissin may have to […]

  • 29 July, 2017

Susi’s painful story

For the Jewish Chronicle July 2017 Susi Bechhofer by Jenni Frazer for JC July 2017 “I must move on now, Mother. You and most of the family went to the gas chambers, without my knowing”. “Dear Miss Bechhofer, are you our cousin? If so, are you not one of twins?” Nearly 40 years separate these […]

  • 23 July, 2017

Jewish Tories and a LibDem

For the Times of Israel posted June 7 2017 LONDON — The Jewish vote was so important to Conservative politician Zac Goldsmith during his unsuccessful run for mayor of London last year that the candidate launched his campaign at London’s Jewish Community Centre, JW3. Goldsmith, who is not halachically Jewish, has nonetheless suffered antisemitism due […]

  • 7 June, 2017