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Advocates for Israel at We Believe

Advocates for Israel Jewish News March 27 2015 by Jenni Frazer One of Israel’s most persuasive advocates, Dr Einat Wilf, told the Jewish News this week that she would be in favour of “a mechanism allowing diaspora Jews more of a voice” in the future of Israel. Dr Wilf, who gave two presentations at the […]

  • 26 March, 2015

Labour Friends of Israel at We Believe

Labour Friends of Israel Jewish News March 27 Shadow cabinet minister Ivan Lewis was sharply critical of a minority in the Jewish community in a well-attended session on the Labour Party and Israel at Sunday’s We Believe in Israel conference. Sitting with MP Dame Anne McGuire, former MP for Hendon Andrew Dismore, and the director […]

  • 26 March, 2015

UK debate on religious slaughter

UK debate on ritual slaughter mobilises Muslims and Jews 80 per cent of Muslim halal meat is pre-stunned, said one British MP at Monday’s parliamentary debate. So why can’t the Jewish community do the same?BY JENNI FRAZER February 24, 2015, Times of Israel LONDON — For the second time in three months, British MPs have […]

  • 26 February, 2015

Derision at cultural boycott

Jewish-led UK artists’ boycott greeted with derision | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-led-uk-artists-boycott-greeted-with-derision/ 1/3 Jewish-led UK artists’ boycott greeted with derision The cultural boycott, led by celebrities Mike Leigh and Peter Kosminsky, decried for offensive timing and racist views BY JENNI FRAZER February 17, 2015, 3:30 pm LONDON — In the wake of the Copenhagen […]

  • 18 February, 2015

Manifestations of antisemitism shock MPs

At a cross-party panel, UK lawmakers leave their tea and scones and discuss grave implications of a new report on the oldest hatred BY JENNI FRAZER February 10, 2015, For the Times of Israel In the Gothic splendour of Archbishop Justin Welby’s Lambeth Palace in central London, a sumptuous English afternoon tea is laid out […]

  • 16 February, 2015

Pugnacious Zionist Martin Gilbert

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel Feb 4 2015 /Pugnacious Zionist Martin Gilbert was the chronicler of modern Jewry Obit for Sir Martin who died on February 3 2015 aged 78 To the outside world, Sir Martin Gilbert was an eminent historian, a member of Britain’s Iraq Inquiry chaired by Sir John Chilcot, […]

  • 4 February, 2015

Britain’s first Orthodox woman rabbi

Dina Brawer published in The Times faith pages January 31 2015 /By Jenni Frazer This year it will be 40 years since Britain got its first female rabbi, Jackie Tabick. And to date, Laura Janner-Klausner is the country’s only Jewish female head of faith (she is the senior rabbi of Reform Judaism in Britain). But […]

  • 2 February, 2015

My Generations

Published in the Jewish News January 19 2015 A family is gathered round a comfortable dining table in a home in north-west London. At the head of the table is the family matriarch, now in her early 90s, and the home is filled with the sort of memorabilia common to many Jewish households: close family […]

  • 27 January, 2015

Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen’s Israeli triumph

WHen Leonard Cohen drew back from the stage slightly at the end of his marathon three- and-a-half-hour set in Ramat Gan, and recited the Birkat Cohanim — the blessing of the priests — complete with outstretched arms of benediction, there was a collective sigh from the enraptured crowd. It was a sign that Israel’s often […]

  • 2 October, 2009

Campus politics get ugly

A new book reveals what happened when a female Jewish student asked a male black professor an innocent question. History Lesson: A Race Odyssey By Mary Lefkowitz Yale University Press, £18 However malevolent or misguided those British proponents of an academic boycott of Israel might have been in recent years, they rarely reached the nadir […]

  • 25 April, 2008