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Lone warrior battles against anti-Zionists

By Jenni Frazer for Times of Israel August 3 2015 LONDON — A familiar figure at anti-Israel demonstrations, with his gigantic bushy red beard and white crocheted deep skullcap, he could well be — at first sight — a white Englishman who has converted to Islam. But Joseph Cohen, 32, is in fact a lone […]

  • 3 August, 2015

Weidenfeld and JNF to the rescue

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel July 16 2015 LONDON — On the eve of Nazi Germany’s annexation of Austria in 1938, 19-year-old George Weidenfeld escaped Vienna for the United Kingdom. He began work at the British Broadcasting Corporation and within ten years had co-founded the publishing firm Weidenfeld & Nicholson. The former […]

  • 16 July, 2015

UK Jews wary on Labour leader race

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel July 13 2015 LONDON — Britain’s pro-Israel community is viewing the race for the Labour Party leadership with concern after the UK’s biggest union, Unite, threw its weight behind the hard Left MP, Jeremy Corbyn, who has expressed open support for Hamas and Hizbollah. Corbyn, MP for […]

  • 13 July, 2015

London welcomes Israeli foodie invasion

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel July 5 2015 LONDON — Yotam Ottolenghi started it, and now the names of Israeli chefs and their cheerful and relaxed style of cooking are as familiar to London foodies as Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. For the past six years, the annual Gefiltefest has been a […]

  • 5 July, 2015

Israeli flag cause of clash at anti-hate rally

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel July 3 2015 LONDON — A bitter row broke out at the end of a rally Friday in Golders Green, north London. Under the slogan “Golders Green Together,” the rally was called to demonstrate opposition to a proposed neo-Nazi gathering that had been planned for the neighbourhood, […]

  • 3 July, 2015

Cops move neo-Nazi demo out of Golders Green

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel June 30 2015 LONDON — A threatened neo-Nazi rally in the heart of Jewish north London has been moved by police to a location in the centre of the city and away from the heavily Jewish neighbourhood of Golders Green. The far-right organisers of the rally, due […]

  • 30 June, 2015

The sport of Diving Chess

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel LONDON — Chess, says Etan Ilfeld, runs in his blood. But even knowing that doesn’t account for the success of the 38-year-old chess master’s bizarre invention, Diving Chess. Yes, Diving Chess really is a thing, and even more weirdly, it was inspired by Chess Boxing. Ilfeld, who […]

  • 30 June, 2015

A leap of faith for Christian Zionists

For the Times of Israel, May 29 2015 By Jenni Frazer LONDON — A seemingly unassuming husband and wife, Des and Remeny Starritt, are at the forefront of an unlikely British initiative. Next month the Starritts are formally launching a UK chapter of Christians United for Israel, or CUFI, at a rally in Westminster, the […]

  • 29 May, 2015

Young Jews come face to face with the Holocaust

The Times (UK) published May 16 2015 by Jenni Frazer “No one can properly understand why the Shoah [the Holocaust] took place. No one has the right to rationalise it . . . God only knows why it happened,” says Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, who was in Cracow, along with 250 young British people, […]

  • 17 May, 2015

British Jews on rollercoaster relationship with Miliband

British Jewry shares roller coaster ride with Jewish potential PM | The Times of Israel 05/05/2015 11:10 Last-minute efforts to woo the community make sense given new study saying Jewish vote could influence close race in 20 constituencies BY JENNI FRAZER May 5, 2015, 12:28 am LONDON — If British Jewry had to describe its […]

  • 5 May, 2015