Good journalists are endlessly curious and should be endlessly enthusiastic. My features run the gamut from politics to travel writing. They all have one thing in common – to transmit that enthusiasm to the reader.

The miracle babies of Mauthausen

By Jenni Frazer for Times of Israel posted December 25 2015 LONDON — Wendy Holden thinks “Born Survivors” is the most important book she has ever written, and as the author of more than 30 books she is in a position to judge. But the British writer goes further. The book, she says, is not […]

  • 25 December, 2015

Could Israel’s creation earlier have saved Jews?

The Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer, posted December 17 2015 LONDON — Veteran diplomat Yehuda Avner knew he wasn’t well, and went to see his doctor. He wanted one last throw of the dice – and, in an extraordinary way, he achieved it from beyond the grave. The Manchester-born octogenarian had already completed one […]

  • 17 December, 2015

Smoked salmon central: lox de luxe

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel posted December 13 2015 LONDON — Lance Anisfeld is a dapper and cheerful London businessman who works out of a building shaped like a fish. He sports silver salmon-shaped cufflinks, fish decals adorn the door of his office, and a poster on the front of his desk […]

  • 13 December, 2015

The wickedest man in Europe

For the Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer, posted November 30 2015 LONDON — The British National Archives file marked as CAB301/116 looks innocuous enough at first glance. But within its ordinary cardboard cover lies a torrid story, the tale of a man once known as “the Merchant of Death,” who was called “the wickedest […]

  • 30 November, 2015

Iraq and a hard place

For the Times Diary Nov 28 2015 The Chilcot Inquiry has outlasted one of its panellists, with the death this year of Sir Martin Gilbert, the scholar who produced historical atlases and a biography of Winston Churchill. Giving the eulogy at his memorial service, Gordon Brown said it was lucky Gilbert ignored advice from historian […]

  • 29 November, 2015

Blood and bras celebrate interfaith Mitzvah Day

For the Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer posted Nov 24 2015 LONDON — Knitting needles, blood and bras have, on the face of it, nothing in common. But this year’s Mitzvah Day, an annual Jewish-led day of social action, embraced all of these elements and more. And this year, a record 40,000 people took […]

  • 24 November, 2015

More Israelis come to UK than Brits go to Israel

For the Times of Israel by Jenni Frazer posted November 24 2015 LONDON — The author of a new report examining the numbers of Israelis in Britain has told The Times of Israel that “even if the numbers are manageable, it is not a set of statistics that any developed country would be proud of.” […]

  • 24 November, 2015

British Jews’ despair over Israeli policies

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel November 12 2015 LONDON — While a majority of British Jews say they are committed to Israel, nearly three-quarters of them believe Israel’s negative approach to peace is harmful and almost 24 percent would be prepared “to support some sanctions against Israel” if they thought it would […]

  • 12 November, 2015

The man who sued his employer for paternity leave

By Jenni Frazer for the Daily Telegraph November 9 2015 Meet Josh Levs – the male feminist who sued his boss for paternity leave Josh Levs made headlines when he sued Time Warner Inc for gender discrimination over paternity leave. He tells Jenni Frazer why he’s now trying to change businesses’ attitudes towards fathers “From […]

  • 10 November, 2015

Woman who helped discover DNA wows London

For the Times of Israel October 23 2015 by Jenni Frazer Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman was once memorably described by a somewhat over-excited British drama critic as “pure theatrical Viagra.” Now she’s brought her starry presence to the London stage once again and is bringing to life the story of a heroine of Anglo-Jewry, scientist […]

  • 24 October, 2015