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Refugees then, refugees today

For the Jewish Chronicle October 28 2016 A Bitter Road exhibition at Wiener Library by Jenni Frazer for JC Oct 19 2016 Deep in the heart of central London’s Bloomsbury, echoes of the refugee voices of 80 years ago still seem embedded in the pavements. In a remarkable exhibition opening next week at the Wiener […]

  • 27 October, 2016

Groundbreaking Jewish TV channel

For The Times published October 2 2016 For Jews all over the world — even the less observant ones — the forthcoming month of festivals, beginning with Rosh Hashanah (New Year) next week (October 3 and 4), and continuing with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), is a month of stocktaking. How did we do […]

  • 5 October, 2016

Shimon Peres tribute

Peres for the JC by Jenni Frazer September 2016 There’s a picture on my living-room windowsill of me shaking hands with Shimon Peres. I have tried and failed to figure out what office of state Peres was occupying at the time, because no matter what the political temperature in Israel, Peres always seems to have […]

  • 30 September, 2016

Cable Street — who was there?

By Jenni Frazer for the Jewish Chronicle Sept 30 2016 Cable Street by Jenni Frazer for the JC September 15 2016 “My father didn’t really say a lot, but he did tell me about Cable Street. He and my grandfather were there. My father, Israel, and his father, Wolf. My father spoke about being pushed […]

  • 30 September, 2016

New memorial for the 23 young Jews of the Palmach

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel, posted September 15 2016 Seventy-five years after a group of young Jewish men disappeared without trace in the waters between Haifa and Lebanon, their names have been commemorated in a British military cemetery. The memorial at Brookwood’s Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Surrey, south-west England, has been […]

  • 15 September, 2016

How saving African kids is Zionism

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel, posted September 10 2016 LONDON — It’s taken nearly 30 years but finally, Paul Charney is back in Africa. And it’s safe to say that the 15-year-old who left Johannesburg for Israel with his parents in the early 1990s never imagined he’d be honored by the president […]

  • 10 September, 2016

How UK Jews are helping refugees and asylum seekers

By Jenni Frazer for Times of Israel posted September 9 2016 LONDON — On a sunny Sunday afternoon in a north London suburb, two distinct populations throng to a tiny primary school. One population is white, and mainly Jewish. The other is a mixed hodgepodge of races and cultures from all the world’s trouble spots. […]

  • 9 September, 2016

We’ll always have Paris

By Jenni Frazer for the Times of Israel posted September 2 2016 LONDON — “Don’t worry,” furrier Abraham Reiman told his daughters, Madeleine, 11, and Arlette, aged nine. “Don’t worry, this is the land of freedom, of Voltaire and Rousseau.” It was July 1942 and one of the blackest periods in the lives of French […]

  • 2 September, 2016

On record: Jews were vital to vinyl

For the Times of Israel posted August 4 2016 LONDON — In 1887, Emil Berliner changed our lives for the better. The Jewish Berliner — who later emigrated from Germany to the United States — invented the gramophone, finally granting popular music the technology on which to disseminate the sounds of the street and the […]

  • 4 August, 2016

Mystery siddur found

For the Times of Israel posted July 28 2016 LONDON — A British academic has discovered a rare, handwritten translation of a siddur, or prayer book, in a collection in a Manchester library — and clues in the volume point to a little-known presence of Jews in 17th-century England. In a presentation recently at the […]

  • 27 July, 2016