Good journalists are endlessly curious and should be endlessly enthusiastic. My features run the gamut from politics to travel writing. They all have one thing in common – to transmit that enthusiasm to the reader.

Protesters shut the Falk up

For the Times of Israel posted March 22 2017 LONDON — A British campus speaking tour came to an abrupt end on Tuesday for Professor Richard Falk, when Middlesex University cancelled his appearance scheduled for Wednesday. The tour was intended to promote his book, “Palestine’s Horizon: Towards a Just Peace.” Falk is a former UN […]

  • 22 March, 2017

IDF gives hope to autistic young people

For the Jewish News published March 10 2017 “He will never be a soldier” is a phrase to chill the blood of many Israeli parents, when the army tells them that for physical or mental reasons, their child won’t make it into the Israel Defence Forces. Not being in the army can have a catastrophic […]

  • 6 March, 2017

We kids were there too

LONDON — It was just a routine follow-up call to 120 British synagogues — but in one of those calls, a charity found buried treasure. The long-dormant lives of London Jews during World War I are hardly on the radar of the majority of Britons. But “London Jews in the First World War,” funded by […]

  • 3 March, 2017

Twin stories of refugees, 80 years apart

For the Times of Israel posted February 16 2017 Heinz Hirschberg was 13 years old when he made the first of two escapes from the Nazis. And the Syrian-born Ahmed, whose surname we do not know, was around 10 or 11 when he fled his native land. Eighty years separate the terrible experiences of the […]

  • 16 February, 2017

The Russians aren’t just coming, they’re here

For the Jewish News Feb 11 2017 Ekaterina Braun, who was born and brought up in Russia, has lived in Germany since 2006. She works as a translator and in her small Jewish community she was the organiser of the family club. But in the last decade, even in Germany, she has never known an […]

  • 12 February, 2017

Out of the bubble and into India

For the Times of Israel, posted February 11 2017 LONDON — Josh de Winter is an engineering and finance undergraduate at University College in London. Like most of his friends, he has lived a relatively sheltered life — attendance at an Orthodox Jewish school (Hasmonean Boys’) encouraged by a warmly supportive family, and a full […]

  • 12 February, 2017

Lilian has the last laugh

For the Times of Israel published February 10 2017 LONDON — She is the grande dame of Anglo-Jewish arts, but at a scarcely believable 90 years old, Lilian Hochhauser is not yet ready to hang up her ballet shoes. She is bringing Russia’s outstanding Mariinsky dance company to London this summer for a three-week long […]

  • 12 February, 2017

Parents line up for Spielberg casting call

For the Times of Israel published February 5 2017 LONDON — It’s a cold and windy day in central London. The main road is deserted, but duck down a side street and suddenly there are hundreds of small children — in what’s generally not a child-friendly area. Here, queuing up outside some unpromising-looking office blocks, […]

  • 6 February, 2017

Janner is innocent, says son, and I can prove it

For the Jewish Chronicle by Jenni Frazer Feb 2 2017 At his home in north London, Daniel Janner sits in front of a bulging file filled to the brim with information about the sex abuse allegations against his father, the late Lord Janner. The case has been tough for Mr Janner and his family, and […]

  • 2 February, 2017

Fascism is a disease, meet the cure

For the Jewish News by Jenni Frazer published January 31 2017 He may have just celebrated his 80th birthday, but the renowned anti-fascist activist Gerry Gable is fizzing with plans to continue his great life’s work. And though he began his war against fascism and racism after the Second World War — and has seen […]

  • 31 January, 2017