Salmond and a sense of timing

For the Jewish News issue Feb 5 2016 Column for JN Feb 5 2016 by Jenni Frazer There are readers – and I freely admit that from time to time I have been among their number – who have only to see the words “Council of Europe” and their immediate response is to curl up […]

  • 3 February, 2016

Israel’s schlep-free suitcase

Column for Jewish News January 16 2016 by Jenni Frazer So you’re at the airport en route to somewhere fabulous – possibly Israel – but your hands are full. And even though your suitcase is the newest, coolest, and probably most expensive in the whole of Stanmore, you still haven’t been able to grow an […]

  • 11 January, 2016

Forget the C word

Column for Jewish News January 1 2015 So finally, it is behind us. The C-word, that is. When even the Chief Rabbi issued year-end words of wisdom to tie in with those of the Archbishop of Canterbury, we are entitled to wonder about the pervasiveness of Christmas. When my Hindu newspaper boy drops in a […]

  • 2 January, 2016

Rabbi’s wrong-headed error

Column for the Jewish News December 3 2015 I spent quite a lot of time some years ago following the vapour trail of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who was then the Chabad rabbi at Oxford. Boteach spent 11 years all in all in Oxford, so one could scarcely accuse him of being unfamiliar with how things […]

  • 3 December, 2015

Kaufman and the Jewish problem

Column for Jewish News Nov 5 2015 by Jenni Frazer “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town…. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed”. It’s a tragic image, though sadly not an uncommon one. But this grandson had a different take on his grandmother’s death. He […]

  • 9 November, 2015

Where are the Orthodox in the refugee crisis?

Column for Jewish News Oct 15 2015 Last week I attended a remarkable event at JW3, London’s Jewish community centre. It was an evening dedicated to reporting back what various communal organisations were, and are, doing to help asylum seekers and refugees. For some in the audience, such as JCORE’s long-time executive director, Edie Friedman, […]

  • 16 October, 2015

A third intifada?

Column by Jenni Frazer for the Jewish News October 8 2015 Are we witnessing the beginning of the Third Intifada? Nobody seems to know – and, in the way of things in the Middle East, violence doesn’t become a war or an Arab Spring straight away. It’s only later, when viewed from a perspective, that […]

  • 8 October, 2015

Matisyahu’s triumph

Column for Jewish News August 28 2015 by Jenni Frazer As we hurtle towards September and all that it entails, it is heartening to know that there are some bargains to be had. As Jewish News readers know, for a paltry £3 there has been the opportunity to make your voice heard in the Labour […]

  • 25 September, 2015

Politicians will say anything

Column for Jewish News September 24 2015 It is a truth universally acknowledged… that a politician in want of popular support is likely to say anything, anything, if he – and it is usually a “he” – thinks it has the slightest chance of being swallowed by a gullible electorate. And five minutes after the […]

  • 25 September, 2015

Pre-Rosh Hashanah blues

Column for Jewish News September 10 2015 It’s erev Rosh Hashanah and I should be full of “new year, new start” thoughts, of hope and optimism and warm cuddly somethings. Instead – as we all wait for the other shoe to drop in the seemingly endless farrago that has been the Labour leadership race – […]

  • 25 September, 2015