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One hundred and twenty teens visit 271 stations for knife crime charity

For Jewish News Feb 2024 A casual conversation with a friend that a “fun day out” could be spent, walking the length of the Northern Line from High Barnet to Morden, inspired student Eitan Okrent to think: “Why not do the whole of the Underground?” And so Tubeathon was born, a massive effort devised by […]

First details of sadistic Hamas sexual abuse presented to UN

For Jewish News February 2024 A devastating first report on the extent of sexual abuse crimes committed by Hamas terrorists on 7 October is being presented to the United Nations — in English, so that there is no room for dismissal or misunderstanding. The report, written for the Association of Rape Crisis Centres in Israel […]

Really a laughing matter

For Jewish News Feb 2024 In a gravelly voice, a man faces the camera and tells the audience: “Two old Jews on the Titanic. One starts sobbing. The other say, what are you crying for? It’s not YOUR boat”. Welcome to “Is Anything Okay?”, a series of riotous, free, online webinars from YIVO, the New […]

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