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Trinity ‘capitulates to mob’ charge

For Jewish News May 2024 Dr Ed Abrahamson, who cancelled his family’s bursary for disadvantaged students at Trinity College Dublin, in protest at the university’s failure to protect Jewish students, told Jewish News this week that no attempt was made by Trinity to persuade him to change his mind. Instead, he said, Trinity had “given […]

Miracle baby born to Nova festival survivors

For Jewish News April 2024 Bneyah Moshe’s arrival into the world has become one of the most talked-about births at Haifa’s Rambam Health Care Campus. For the baby’s parents, Astar Moshe and Shlomi Tobi, are survivors of the Nova music festival massacre on October 7 last year, and the need to save their future child […]

Art for art’s sake in wartime Italy

For the JC April 2024 “He looked me over, assessed my wristwatch, considered my shoes and the likely cost of my hairdo, and tried to decide if I came from a family worth talking to; such is Italy”. In one crisp sentence, Derek B Miller sets the reader off on a magical mystery tour, revolving […]

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