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Humanitarian relief bid — world exclusive

Moti Kahana for Jewish News Oct 2023 An ambitious plan to secure the release of all the remaining hostages in the Gaza Strip — together with the bodies of fallen Israel soldiers held by Hamas since 2014 — is being put together by American-Israeli entrepreneur Moti Kahana, Jewish News can reveal. The two-stage plan, put […]

Dennis Ross: hard choices face Israel after the war

Dennis Ross For Jewish News Nov 13 2023 America’s most experienced Middle East diplomat, Ambassador Dennis Ross, says Israel has “an excruciating dilemma” in its war with Hamas. But he told Jewish News that although he is firmly against a ceasefire, because he believes Hamas will only use the opportunity to regroup and re-arm, nevertheless […]

A land of blood and violence

For the Jewish Chronicle September 29 2023 Lavie Tidhar’s Maror was one of the sensational novels of 2022, a violent rollercoaster and drug-fuelled ride into Israel’s history, with a particular focus on the Lebanon war of 1983. Now, in Adama, Tidhar reaches even further back, first to the death camps of Europe and then to […]

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