McMafia Episode Seven: Alex speaks!

McMafia Episode 7 for the JC January 2018 I am beginning to feel, after seven episodes of McMafia, that even I could manage a little Russian vocab — and thus can be forgiven for laughing when James Norton’s Alex earnestly tells a member of a Mexican cartel that his unique selling point in this Game […]

  • 8 February, 2018

Moscow mayhem

McMafia review for the Jewish Chronicle published January 5 2018 Well, who knew that a caviar knife could inflict so much damage? Plainly the rabbonim were on to something when it was decreed that sturgeon caviar was not kosher, thus ensuring that no observant Jew was ever going to be done away with by the […]

  • 5 January, 2018

Baltimore Boys fail to charm

For the Jewish Chronicle published April 28 2017 We all remember, I expect, days in our childhood or adolescence when it seemed as though nothing would ever happen, that the world would never move on and allow us to… do stuff. That sense of torpor permeates every one of the 448 pages of Joel Dicker’s […]

  • 2 May, 2017

Spy in the house

For the JC published March 24 2017 Years ago I used to enjoy — in a bad way — the books of a novelist, who shall remain anonymous to spare her blushes. The point was that it didn’t really matter which of the writer’s many, many oeuvres I got out of the library, as the […]

  • 24 March, 2017

Paul Simon’s feet (and hair) of clay

Paul Simon for the JC by Jenni Frazer December 4 2016 Homeward Bound, the Life of Paul Simon, by Peter Ames Carlin, Little Brown, £20 pp415 As it happens, they played a Simon and Garfunkel track — written, of course, by Paul Simon — on this morning’s Desert Island Discs, and it was another opportunity […]

  • 6 January, 2017

Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen’s Israeli triumph

WHen Leonard Cohen drew back from the stage slightly at the end of his marathon three- and-a-half-hour set in Ramat Gan, and recited the Birkat Cohanim — the blessing of the priests — complete with outstretched arms of benediction, there was a collective sigh from the enraptured crowd. It was a sign that Israel’s often […]

  • 2 October, 2009

Campus politics get ugly

A new book reveals what happened when a female Jewish student asked a male black professor an innocent question. History Lesson: A Race Odyssey By Mary Lefkowitz Yale University Press, £18 However malevolent or misguided those British proponents of an academic boycott of Israel might have been in recent years, they rarely reached the nadir […]

  • 25 April, 2008