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Kissin and kissing cousins

For the Times of Israel posted July 29 2017 With admirable frankness, the classical pianist Evgeny Kissin says he wrote his book, “Memoirs and Reflections” because in the course of many interviews he has been repeatedly asked the same questions. Nevertheless, the very publication prompts even more questions, so the Moscow-born Kissin may have to […]

  • 29 July, 2017

Susi’s painful story

For the Jewish Chronicle July 2017 Susi Bechhofer by Jenni Frazer for JC July 2017 “I must move on now, Mother. You and most of the family went to the gas chambers, without my knowing”. “Dear Miss Bechhofer, are you our cousin? If so, are you not one of twins?” Nearly 40 years separate these […]

  • 23 July, 2017

Dweck: the ruling

For the Jewish News published July 21 2017 Rabbi Joseph Dweck, Senior Rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community, has held on to his job after a ruling by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s review committee. But Rabbi Dweck has had to pay a high price — he has had to relinquish being a dayan on the […]

  • 23 July, 2017

Palexpo professor dissects the “Israel lobby”

For the Jewish News July 8 2017 The controversial South African sheikh who quoted a Joseph Goebbels speech referring to Jews as “fleas” said this week that he thought it was “fair” to say “that a people who had gone though oppression should not mete it out to others”. Sheikh Ebrahim Bham was a keynote […]

  • 10 July, 2017

Palex versus Limmud: Limmud wins

Column for Jewish News July 9 2017 The woman sitting two rows in front of me at the Palestine Expo was wearing a designer keffiyah in chic red and white. Readers, she looked ridiculous, as did many of the pasty-skinned white English fellow travellers who bulked out the sessions at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre […]

  • 10 July, 2017

Birthday honours

For the Jewish News June 17 2017 Members of the Jewish community from across the religious spectrum have been named in the latest Queen’s Birthday Honours List, with services to Holocaust education being highlighted this year. Broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky has been awarded an OBE for her work with Holocaust survivors through the Holocaust Commission. Two […]

  • 18 June, 2017

Jewish Tories and a LibDem

For the Times of Israel posted June 7 2017 LONDON — The Jewish vote was so important to Conservative politician Zac Goldsmith during his unsuccessful run for mayor of London last year that the candidate launched his campaign at London’s Jewish Community Centre, JW3. Goldsmith, who is not halachically Jewish, has nonetheless suffered antisemitism due […]

  • 7 June, 2017

Labour candidates

For the Times of Israel posted June 5 2017 LONDON — After two leaders of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) decided to toss their hats into the ring to square off against two pro-Israel Conservative MPs in Britain’s June 8 general election, it looks like all bets are off. Chairman and vice-chairman of the JLM […]

  • 6 June, 2017

Manchester in my blood

Column JN issue June 2 2017 from Jenni Frazer My grandparents came to Manchester from — supposedly, but we don’t really know — Kiev and Berdichev, outposts of the Pale of Settlement in 19th century Greater Russia. Unlike most of their contemporaries, they brought their parents with them, rather than the other way round. The […]

  • 27 May, 2017

On the road in Finchley and Golders Green

For the Jewish News published May 11 2017 On a gorgeous late spring morning, Mike Freer is sitting on a bench in a lushly gardened Golders Green neighbourhood, almost entirely occupied by strictly Orthodox families. This is Freer’s third election: he won the seat in 2010, following the death of Labour’s Rudi Vis, who had […]

  • 11 May, 2017