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On the side of the angels?

Column for the Jewish News October 19 2017 We all like to think of ourselves as being on the side of the angels, I suppose, aligned with the good guys. Thus, evidently, the avalanche of opinions and “whataboutery” adorning every part of the media in the wake of the scandal over the repellent Harvey Weinstein. […]

  • 19 October, 2017

The joke’s on London

For the Times of Israel posted October 13 2017 Yohai Sponder’s “at rest” face is not naturally sunny. But as soon as the 35-year-old begins to speak about the art of comedy, he lights up. Sponder and his fellow comedians Yossi Tarablus and Shachar Hasson have much to be cheerful about. The three have just […]

  • 14 October, 2017

While we weren’t paying attention

Column for Jewish News October 31 2016 As we enter the dying days of the US presidential race it is instructive to look at an unexpected side- effect of the allegations of sexual misconduct committed by the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. It’s been a matter of record for years that Israeli society is riddled with […]

  • 11 October, 2017

The ventriloquist for the dead

For the JC published October 4 2017 It’s not often that the academic and historian Simon Schama is lost for words, but it happened almost literally to him when embarking on the second volume of his mammoth work, The Story of The Jews. Volume One, published to rapturous acclaim in 2013, took our story from […]

  • 4 October, 2017

Sins of the son, not the father

Column for Jewish News September 19 2017 We are widely instructed not to visit the sins of the father upon the son, and, largely, most of us manage to obey that stricture. But how about the other way round, when the “sins” of the son reflect badly on the father or mother? I had cause […]

  • 19 September, 2017

The soldiers from over here serving over there

For the Jewish News published Sept 14 2017 Maor Shevah, Stephen Epstein and Oren Ivgi were once all pupils at Hasmonean Boys School in north London, racing for the school bus in their blazers, ties flying, and just about keeping their kippot on their heads. These days, however, the three former school friends are wearing […]

  • 16 September, 2017

A degree of art history

For the Jewish Chronicle Sept 7 2017 Balfour painting for JC by Jenni Frazer August 2017 In a pretty north London mews, which is home to flower trenchers and sunbathing cats, sits the studio of the artist Beverley-Jane Stewart. And inside there is an Anglo-Jewish treasure — Stewart’s extraordinary painting of the story of the […]

  • 7 September, 2017

Oslo remembered, and the gentle art of diplomacy

Feature for the Jewish News September 1 2017 It is often said that art imitates life and nowhere is that truer than on the stage of the National Theatre, where smash-hit political thriller, Oslo, opens next week. Oslo’s writer, playwright JT Rogers, has spent the summer in London with a new cast after winning seven […]

  • 1 September, 2017

All of a sudden…

Column for the Jewish News September 8 2017 Long ago I tried to get press tickets for Billy Joel in London, only to be told by a truculent press officer that Joel wasn’t Jewish. Imagine, then, my amusement — combined with horror — that the singer had appeared on stage in New York last week […]

  • 1 September, 2017

Diana, 20 years on

For the JC August 2017 Just when you might think everything that could be said about the late Princess Diana, has been said, something will emerge to debunk that theory. Apart from the Daily Express, which is in a category of its own where the former Princess of Wales is concerned, the 20th anniversary of […]

  • 24 August, 2017