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Prince William, the movie…

Column for JN March 2018 from Jenni Frazer Dateline: Summer 2018, Kensington Palace. Interior: A Royal apartment. Suitcases are sprawled all over the room. Catherine is supervising the packing, William is flapping. Catherine: I wish I were coming with you, darling. It’s going to be an exciting visit. And look — you don’t need to […]

Twitter row over profile image

Gnasher Jew row from Jenni Frazer Feb 2018 One of the most active Jewish social media accounts attacking antisemitism in the Labour Party, GnasherJew, was defiant this week after being twice suspended by Twitter for alleged breach of its rules. GnasherJew, which describes itself as a group of Jewish ex-Labour Party members, has been registered […]

Moscow mayhem Episode 8

McMafia Ep 8 for JC from Jenni Frazer February 9 2018 It is perhaps worth reminding ourselves, as McMafia disappears into the collective hive memory, how we started out just two months ago: a Russian Jewish family living in London, with a criminal past back in Moscow, and an apparently squeaky clean heir who was […]

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